How to add Facebook Business to Your Website

 If you’ve been wanting to add a Facebook Business page to your website, this post is for you.

There are tons of ways to do this with Facebook, and I’m going to list the ones that I think work best for your business.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to add an additional page to a website, check out these links for additional details:1.

Add a Facebook Page on Your Website to an Account2.

Use Facebook’s Add Business To Facebook service to add your Facebook Business on your website.3.

Add Facebook Business To Your Site to get access to Facebook’s custom page tool to add new pages to your site.4.

Add an Instagram Business to your Website to add Instagram pages to the website.


Add Twitter Business to a Business Page to get Twitter pages to appear on your Facebook page.6.

Add another Twitter Business page on your Website with a link to the Facebook Business Page.7.

Add more Facebook Business pages to a page to create a more complex page.8.

Add multiple Facebook Businesses to a Single Business Page by linking to multiple Facebook pages in your Business Page, and then adding new pages in the middle of each other.


Add Instagram Businesses and other business pages to multiple pages on a Business page with the same Business Page Link, and you’re done.10.

Add the Businesses of multiple businesses to your page to have them appear on all of your pages.

This will allow you to easily and quickly show off your business to your followers.


Add your Facebook Page to a Google+ page to see what other people are sharing from your Business page.


Add Your Facebook Page from Facebook to Google+ for other users to see your Facebook pages, even if they don’t have the same business.