How Busy Beavers can help save the world

As the world’s busiest bus is about to hit the road, a new study suggests bus companies can use their bus stops to spread the word about bus services to their customers.

The Busy Beaver Bus Project, launched by a number of BusyBeaver, a non-profit organisation that works with bus companies, aims to promote bus services by using its stop at the Busy Beebe Centre for Urban Design and Design Research in Johannesburg to train people in bus stop management.

The project’s founder and chairperson, Professor Simon Dall, said that in the run up to the world cup in 2020, BusyBeebe would like to see bus companies around the world focus on improving the safety of their routes and on making sure that they have an effective safety network.

The organisation is now taking its findings to bus companies to get them to put up signage and advertising in bus stops and on bus platforms that highlight the importance of bus stops in terms of safety.

Dall said he has been working with bus firms to get bus companies involved in the Busymounts campaign, which is intended to give the bus industry a platform to communicate about safety.

BusyBeavers founder Simon Dany said Busybeeber’s research showed that bus stops are vital to the safety and comfort of passengers and to the quality of life for those on the bus.

“When you have a bus stop, it gives you a sense of calm and you can’t get out of the car without your seat belt,” he said.

“And it gives your passenger the confidence to stop in the first place, which creates a positive feeling.”

In order to promote safety, Dany added that bus companies must ensure that their bus stop is designed to meet the standards of the International Transport Organization.

Busymount was the first BusyBEaver bus stop to be designed by Busybeaver.

Dany and his team are currently designing the second Busy BEaver busstop, which will feature a fully integrated bus shelter and a seating area, as well as a security barrier.

Dany said he is not sure how many bus stops could be built in the world if they only focused on safety and safety measures.

He added that BusyBerres work on a variety of projects around safety, including designing bus shelters and ensuring bus stop safety.

However, Dall is hopeful that Busymounds project will give bus companies the confidence they need to make safety a priority.

“We are hoping that the Busys will put their resources behind Busymouths project to make sure we have a better network for bus services and bus safety in South Africa,” he added.

“But Busymaunds project is a start, it’s only the start, we need more bus stops around the country.”

Dany added it was crucial for BusyBears bus stop project to reach its full potential.

“Busymouth will be a milestone in Busy Bears history and a start for Busymontains future,” he concluded.