How to avoid credit card fraud on eBay

It is important to know your credit card details when shopping on eBay, as the online marketplace’s website is vulnerable to fraudulent activity, according to the company’s privacy policy.

The policy, which was published online by Business Insider, outlines some of the ways in which sellers may be compromised.

For example, an online buyer may not be able to scan the cardholder’s name when buying a product or item on eBay.

It is also possible for an online seller to use a fraudulent card to open an account on eBay with a fraudulent merchant.

For the most part, however, eBay users are protected from these risks.

This policy is meant to keep buyers in the loop and to help them protect themselves.

In general, buyers should not allow anyone to scan their credit card information.

However, eBay has guidelines in place that outline some of how the company handles this type of activity.

For instance, eBay’s privacy policies state that buyers must only authorize their credit cards for transactions that they have authorized and that all purchases are subject to the seller’s policies.

This is known as a seller authorization policy.

The policy also states that buyers are not allowed to add items to a cart and use items as part of a larger purchase.

Finally, buyers are required to be upfront about what they are buying.

eBay requires that a seller verify the seller has the seller authorization, which means that sellers must be able be found by the buyer.

This can be accomplished by looking for the seller in the seller listings section.