How to be a better entrepreneur: 6 strategies

The latest issue of Entrepreneur includes an excerpt from a book by David E. Lee and an article from The Washington Post.

The article in the January issue of the Wall Street Journal is titled “The End of an Era: How the American Dream Is Over.”

The title is from a piece published on Jan. 26 in The New Yorker about the decline of the American dream.

The Washington Post article is titled: “The end of an era: How America’s dream of upward mobility has ended.”

The article quotes from David E Lee, who in The Washington Times has been writing about the “American Dream” for over a decade.

Lee, the co-author of the bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek, has been a long-time champion of the idea that the American economy has a “gift” that makes it possible for individuals to achieve success in a variety of career paths, including the work that makes life on the outside more bearable.

I am so grateful to David E., and I hope that The New York Times does a story about his book, because that is the only way we will get a fuller picture of the true story of the dream that has been our founding myth.

We need to understand the American experience, and we need to make sure that it is shared.

And if we do, I hope other people will share it.