Microsoft has a deal to sell off its business definition software

The Windows business definition app is a Windows-based app that allows businesses to define their business with a simple click.

Its main feature is the ability to automatically upload photos, videos, and other files that they can use to show their business on a Web site or to display in a Windows Store app.

But the app has one significant problem: it’s not open source.

That means the software itself isn’t publicly available, and that means its code can be exploited by anyone who wants to create an exploit.

Microsoft has announced plans to open source the business definition application, but that doesn’t mean anyone can use the code for their own nefarious purposes. 

“We want to be open about our products and what they do,” Sachin Gupta, the general manager of Microsoft’s Developer Products, told Ars Technica.

“We also want to give developers a chance to build applications with our technologies and we’ve made that very clear in our developer program.” 

Gupta didn’t say when the company planned to open sourced the code. 

If Microsoft wants to make the business definitions app open source, it’ll have to do so in a way that makes it possible for anyone to steal the code, something the company is currently working on. 

Microsoft’s plans to make open source software a requirement in its Developer Program comes as the company tries to build a community around its popular software development platform. 

The new requirement will also make it easier for people to work on Microsoft’s own open source projects. 

Open source software can be used to build products and services for Microsoft, such as Microsoft Word and the Azure cloud service, as well as open source operating systems like Linux and Apple’s macOS. 

While Microsoft’s recent efforts to make its open source platform more appealing to developers have been mostly successful, it has yet to take the same approach to its open enterprise software. 

 Microsoft also has to worry about the increasing number of open source developers, many of whom are looking for ways to work with Microsoft.

In June, it closed the open source Developer Program, a way for developers to work independently on Microsoft products. 

So far, Microsoft hasn’t made open source code available to the public, but Gupta said Microsoft is working to open it up. 

I can’t speak to whether the open sourced version will ever be available to everybody, Gupta said, but he said Microsoft will continue to work toward a community of open sources for its products.

“We’re very committed to having a community that supports our products,” Gupta said.

“If we can provide a good platform to developers to use, I think that will help them create better applications.”