How to win the monkey business: ‘It’s a good time to be a monkey’

Business Insider article The first business you ever did wasn’t a business.

It was a monkey.

Monkey business.

The term was invented in the late 1800s to describe a business that operated without a profit-sharing arrangement.

But in 2017, business owners are starting to adopt it to describe their operations as well, like how the “Monkey Business Association” started its existence to promote “business ethics and ethical behavior.”

The nonprofit is a nonprofit, not a business, so its mission isn’t limited to business.

There are many businesses that use the term.

The first, by a longshot, was the U.S. military.

But many others are starting too.

The business, known as the Air Force Monkey, was started by Air Force Colonel Mark Schilling and his wife, Maj. Gen. Susan Schilling, who was named as the new chair of the group in 2017.

It operates a squadron of monkey-themed vehicles.

It’s a nonprofit organization that is still trying to figure out how to use the word “monkey” to describe itself.

The Monkey Business Association is still looking for a new term for itself.

“It’s really about getting the word out,” said Schilling.

“I’m very happy that it’s a new word.

And I think the phrase is more appropriate now.”

The Air Force has been working to improve its ethics and ethics policies in recent years.

The Air Corps and other service branches have been working on ethics and professionalism issues for years, with the Air Monkey and its allies working to create a “Monk of Ethics” for the Air Corps.

They’re also making changes to how they handle promotions, including making a distinction between military service and civilian work.

“There’s a lot of good stuff happening in our military right now,” said Army Capt. Brian Loughlin, who led the Monkey Business Coalition.

“But there’s still a lot that needs to be done.”

But Loughline says the military needs to look more closely at the word monkey.

“This word has become a little bit too easy to misuse,” he said.

The group wants to be more specific about how it uses the term, which it hopes will help the military avoid confusion.

“We’ve seen that it can be used for many different things, and it’s just not always clear what it means,” Loughliner said.

“If we could find out what exactly the word meant to us, it would make it a lot easier for us to make those decisions.”

Loughino says the Monkey has received plenty of feedback about the word, including from other service members.

“Some people are saying it’s too soft and not very businesslike,” he added.

“The word ‘monkey’ has a lot to do with the way that they treat their service members, and they’re not used to that.”