Trump: I’ll End ‘War on Terror’ in Kentucky

President Donald Trump told reporters Wednesday he would end the “war on terror” and “take back our country” as he delivered a speech on the state of Kentucky.

“The war on terror has ended, and I’m the only one that has done it,” Trump said during a press conference with Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

“We’re going to get our country back, but we’re going a different direction.”

Trump was speaking at a press event for a new economic development center in Lexington.

The center was the first of several planned by the Trump administration to create jobs in the state.

Bevin said that Kentucky will be the first state to get an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, and that the Trump Administration is working to bring jobs back to Kentucky.

Trump said he will sign the legislation soon.

“I’m the one who has been saying this for the last year, we are going to bring thousands of jobs back here,” Trump told the reporters.

“The jobs that are going back here are going in a positive way, not just in Kentucky but in all of the states that we’re talking about, in order to create thousands and thousands of new jobs.

And I’m going to keep saying that.”

Trump spoke after signing an executive order directing state agencies to consider expanding Medicaid and offering free healthcare for low-income individuals and families, according to the Kentucky Office of Economic Development.

Beven also announced the formation of a $2 million fund to help low-wage workers get the training they need to enter the workforce.

Kentucky is one of a handful of states where the Trump campaign has already announced funding for new economic developments.

The Republican Party of Kentucky is partnering with the Trump Victory Fund to promote the project, which will bring a new hotel and convention center to Louisville.