Black Business, SunTrust, Black Business Account Linked to Fake Credit Card Application

News flash: there’s no link between Black Business and SunTrust.

This is just a bit of bad journalism.

However, if you need a quick reference, here it is: This is not the first time that someone has attempted to use SunTrust to make fake credit cards.

Back in March 2017, an Australian woman attempted to make a fake SunTrust credit card, claiming she was working for a US bank.

The woman, who has since been charged with fraud, used a fake ID and tried to get her credit card number from a friend’s card.

The card she tried to make was rejected. The fake SunTec card was later found to be fraudulent and has since expired.

There are other similar examples of people attempting to make money off SunTrust using other companies, including some of the companies listed below.

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