How to make your Yelp review go viral on Instagram

Facebook has been working hard to increase its influence in the online community by encouraging people to share reviews on its site, which has grown to include over 70 million users.

The company has also been experimenting with a new way to increase visibility for its users: a new product called “Yelp Plus.”

It’s a feature that gives users more visibility and more power to share their own content with others who are also interested in it.

Users can tap “plus” to make a review that shows up next to all of the reviews on the site and then share that review on their social network.

The feature is similar to Yelp’s “Share with Friends” feature, which lets users share their personal reviews of companies with friends.

Users who share those reviews get the same amount of visibility and power as the users who share the reviews.

It’s a new tool for social media marketers that Facebook and Twitter have been using to increase user engagement on their sites.

The concept behind the new product is simple.

Facebook says that if you share a review, your friends and family can share your post too.

When someone shares your review, it’s shown as a new post on your page, with a thumbs up and a share icon on the bottom.

When you tap “share,” it’s like sharing with friends on Facebook.

It takes a bit of effort to share the post, but Facebook says it’s easy to share a link to a new page or video if you want.

That means if you like a video, you can share it on Facebook, too.

If your friends share your reviews, you’ll be able to share it with them too.

Facebook said it will be working with businesses to give their users the option to see their own reviews, too, which would allow you to share those posts as well.

Facebook also said it would be adding a way to give you the ability to share your own reviews on your own Facebook page, too: users will be able see their posts there and add comments.

It’s possible that these new features will be available to other social media platforms as well, like Instagram.

Facebook has partnered with the photo-sharing platform to bring the feature to Instagram as well as other Instagram-powered social platforms, including Snapchat and Viber.