VP Biden says Trump is right about the GOP tax plan

Vice President Joe Biden says Donald Trump’s claim that the GOP’s tax plan will be “one of the great jobs in the world” is “just flat wrong.”

Biden, a former vice president and a member of the Republican Party, took to Twitter Wednesday morning to criticize Trump’s assertion that the tax plan would bring back $2 trillion in lost jobs during his presidential campaign.

“Trump has made a lot of false claims.

He made the wrong one about jobs,” Biden wrote.

“And he said we’re going to bring back trillions of dollars in lost wages.

That’s false.

And it’s flat wrong.

It’s just wrong.”

While the vice president has previously attacked Trump for his tax proposals, his remarks Wednesday morning echo the president’s campaign promises to roll back Obamacare.

The White House has promised to slash the federal deficit by as much as $2.5 trillion and create 25 million jobs in a single year.

The GOP tax bill would likely bring the deficit to $5 trillion, according to a White House analysis.