‘It was an amazing day’: Prime Minister Tony Abbott celebrates ‘amazing day’ in office

Business Insider – A business analyst has said the Prime Minister was “absolutely amazing” during his time as prime minister, with the nation celebrating “amazing days”.

Speaking at the annual Business Summit on Monday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the day “was an amazing, wonderful day for Australia”.

“You can be pretty sure I’ll be here in 2019, and that will be the day when I get back to the job,” he said.

“I was absolutely amazed, absolutely delighted, I think, to be able to stand here today, to celebrate an amazing thing.”

The Business Summit was held on the eve of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Mr Turnbull said he felt “a great sense of responsibility” to “make sure this great nation is strong and healthy”.

“The next few years will be amazing, I hope,” he told reporters.

“But, of course, it’s a very important job.”

Mr Turnbull is due to return to the frontbench in the coming weeks.