“We don’t have a choice” for new Las Vegas casinos

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and Las Vegas Sands Corp. said they would close all but one of their casinos in the United States and sell the remaining properties in Las Vegas.

The closures are expected to be completed by late June.

The companies said in a statement they would begin closing all of their properties in the U.S. on Wednesday, including the new MGM Grand in Las of the Wynn Hotel and Las of Wynn Resorts International.MGM said that the company’s global operations have been affected by the closure.

The company said it is working to help businesses that have been impacted by the closures find new markets and strengthen their international operations. 

The MGM Grand is the largest and most popular resort in Las Angles, the fourth-largest in the country.

MGM says that Las Angels residents will be able to enjoy its amenities in the months following the closing.

“The MGM resort has enjoyed the best year ever for attendance and the number of guests has been a testament to our commitment to the resort community and to the people of Las Anglers, our guests and our business,” said David Boettke, CEO of MGM Resorts Worldwide, in a written statement.

“Our focus remains on the health and wellness of our guests, our employees and our community as we move forward.”

The announcement comes as Las Vegas officials have struggled to cope with the death of the casino’s longtime CEO and chairman, Fred Miller, who was found dead on Jan. 6 at his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Miller was 68.

He was survived by his wife, Janet Miller. 

More than 60,000 workers at the resort have lost their jobs since the death, and the resort has reported a $200 million loss.