The Trump Administration Is Making a New Deal With Business Credit Cards, But There’s a Catch

In December, the Trump administration announced a new partnership with Verizon Business to help businesses with credit card processing.

This partnership will offer business customers with a business credit card that can be used on a variety of services, such as a phone bill, a credit card, a prepaid card, or a personal finance account.

This means that business customers can get credit cards that have the same processing capabilities as the government-issued cards they have on file.

And while the partnership does not apply to existing Verizon Business credit cards (which have already been approved for use), customers can use the new card for any service with a $2 monthly fee and an annual fee of $150. 

For some businesses, this is a welcome boon, as they can save a few dollars on processing fees. 

However, for businesses that have a large number of transactions that need to be processed, the new partnership can also add up to significant added costs. 

This is especially true for businesses who are paying their bills on time, which can be a major drag on an already sluggish economy. 

So what does this mean for consumers? 

It will mean that many businesses will have to go through a new process before they can start accepting business credit cards. 

But the new processing options are great news for those businesses that need them, and those that have an existing business card in their existing account. 

The good news for businesses is that there are no additional fees or requirements that must be met in order to get the new cards.

The bad news for consumers is that this will also add an extra step to the processing process. 

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