New Englanders, Londoners will get Moo cards as part of Moo scheme

The London Business School has introduced the Moo card, which is designed to encourage people to buy locally, for Londoners, who are expected to make up over 70 per cent of the new cardholders.

The card, for a one-off purchase of £30, is expected to reach some 40,000 Londoners this year, according to the university. 

The card will be issued in two waves: The first wave will be offered to students at all business schools.

The second wave will only be available to students in the business schools in the capital, according the university’s announcement on Thursday. 

“This is part of our strategy to deliver a high-quality education to our students in order to increase their participation in our vibrant city,” said the university in a statement.

“This is a smart move by the school to offer a card to Londoners that will enable them to enjoy the great variety of local products and services that our community is known for.” 

The Moocard, which will be available on the University of London’s website, can be used at all Moo cafes in London and is currently available at the new Moo Cafe in St James’s Park, which opened in August.

The cards also allow students to take advantage of discounts on local goods and services.

 “Our aim is to increase student participation and our Moocards will make that happen,” said Dean of the Business School Dr Ian Killeen.

“The Mool is a great way for students to shop locally, get deals on their essentials and save money.

It is also a great introduction to the Mool.”

The Mootcard, issued by the University, has already been tested in New York and other US cities.

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