When you get your business online, you should sign up for a SunTrust Business Account

Small business owners should sign into their SunTrust account on their own to get started, the company’s website said Monday.

Small businesses should sign in with their Suntrust account to start with, the business account sign-in tool allows customers to do so.

The sign-up tool is available in English and Spanish, and can be viewed by visiting the SunTrust website.

The tool will help customers find their SunTribune Business account, SunTrust’s online business management portal.

SunTrust, which provides business information, marketing and other services to about 50,000 small businesses, is not required to set up an account with the company, which is a joint venture with American Express.

But customers can sign up and use the SunTribunal Business Account, which can be accessed through their SunSecure Business ID or SunTrust Online Business ID.

“SunTrust customers can get started right away, with their new account, by logging into their online SunTrust business account at suntrust.com/business,” the Suntrust website said.

“If you don’t already have an account, you can sign in at SunTrust.com.”

A SunTrust spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A sign-on for SunTrust will provide customers with access to the company website, customer management tools and other information.

A SunTruist Business Account allows customers with a SunSecure or SunTribe Business ID to access customer services and to receive customer-generated news, emails, coupons, and other products and services.

The SunTrust company also offers a variety of services to businesses, including payroll, tax and legal services, legal services and more.